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Agent: Paul McGivern | Territory: EU/UK

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Born of a beauty in brokenness – Brimheim’s lyrical fragility glints in the light, whilst tempestuous guitar layers crash on the shore. Home of the breaking waves is the literal translation of Brimheim. A name borrowed from her mother in honor of her Faroese side, and a nod to the emotional deluge inherent in Brimheim’s style. Brimheim’s debut album ‘can’t hate myself into a different shape’ was released in January of 2022 to critical acclaim, delivering the prowess and originality promised by her EP ‘Myself Misspelled’.

Championed by KEXP, the Nordic music industry has embraced Brimheim’s experimental-minded artistry. Being cozy in her queerness, and candid about personal psychological discord – interviews frequently explore a wide and varied terrain.

Live performance is where Brimheim is truly unleashed. Ready or not – the waves of grimy guitar will spread over you, whilst that vocal range takes you anywhere it damn well pleases! Leaving behind just the salty traces of Brimheim’s signature and truthful, tender melancholia.