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Clarissa Connelly

Agent: Nikita Lavrinenko | Territory: EU/UK

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Clarissa Connelly is a Scottish and Danish composer and producer based in Copenhagen.

In 2018, Clarissa self-released her debut album Tech Duinn, predominantly recorded on the Korg M1 her aim was to in-differentiate the synthetic to the organic, blending sounds together to confuse the listener. Tech Duinn is an album inspired by old Celtic myths.

In 2020, she self-released The Voyager, an album written throughout a great hike of ancient paths of Denmark. The release was accompanied an interactive map inviting hikers to unlock contributions of Danish artists (paintings, poems, music videos) found in special locations along the Hærvejen (The Ancient Road).
In 2021, The Voyager won the Nordic Music Prize at by:Larm. Clarissa is the first Danish artist to ever win the prize.

In 2022, Clarissa went on tour opening for Jenny Hval in UK/EU. She also took part in Laurie Anderson’s choir to rehearse and perform selected pieces of Anderson’s upcoming opera ARK, at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The opera is set to premiere in Manchester in 2024.

As part of her course of composition at Rhythmic Music Conservatory (CPH), Clarissa travelled to New York to receive mentoring from David Lang and Meredith Monk.

This summer will see the premiere of Clarissa’s Canons at Roskilde festival: canons written for a choir that will include Erika de Casier, Astrid Sonne, Henriette Motzfeldt (Smerz) and others.