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Getdown Services

Agent: Duncan Smith | Territory: EU/UK

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Getdown Services are Josh Law and Ben Sadler, childhood friends who grew up together in the town of Minehead in South-West England. Through their teenage years they played in several bands together but a mutual disinterest in rubbing shoulders with musos combined with a lack of musical talent and/or social skills stopped them dead in their tracks. The pair moved onto bigger and better things for much of their 20s such as ordering enormous Chinese takeaways, for example

Almost a decade of next to no musical activity passed before lockdown boredom led Josh and Ben, now 300 miles apart, to start sending music to each other. Tunes that were being made purely to try and make each other laugh eventually got good enough where they thought they might as well put them online. This led to a gig offer (somehow) which then led to more and more gig offers, and now the two are at a point where their music has taken them all over the UK, across Europe, charmed hundreds, alienated thousands and ultimately takes up nearly all of their time. Their ability to win over audiences of people who you would expect to hate them is genuinely something to behold. Their accidental stumbling into “band” status has left them with little care or regard for genre. They make music that’s influenced by genres ranging from disco, synth pop and hard rock to 60s chamber pop and combine it with angry, potty mouthed tirades about the elements of modern life that frustrate them, gluing it all together through no choice of their own with the juices of their odd friendship. They are a band that might have started as a joke, but are inarguably the real deal.