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Jules Reidy

Agent: Arthur Janssen | Territory: EU/UK

Website | Bandcamp

Jules Reidy make music for processed and acoustic instruments (mostly guitars). Their recent work can be described as a series of non-traditional song forms which combine unstable harmonic territories, rhythmic elasticity and abstract narrative over stretched and episodic forms. Their recent records include In Real Life (Black Truffle, 2019), Vanish (Editions Mego, 2020) and World in World (Black Truffle, 2022), They have recently performed at Tectonics Festival, Send/Receive Festival, Sydney Festival, Berlin Jazz Festival, Angelica Festival and Mona Foma.

‘Properly singular material that fuses Reidy’s immense knowledge of American primitive folk music with microtonal experimentalism and abstract pop vocalizing. Decidedly uncool, and all the better for it – RIYL Bill Nace, Heather Leigh or Teresa Winter.’ – Boomkat, 2022

‘… Reidy’s music always seems to be pushing against its perimeters. That makes “Vanish” a highly evocative album worth revisiting.’ – Chris Richards, the Washington Post 2020

‘Listening to “Vanish” is a visceral experience. It’s music that finds just the right balance of unbridled catharsis and restraint.’ – Vanessa Ague, the Wire 2020

‘It’s a highly unusual disruption of classic Takoma/fingerstyle with electronic drone and found sounds, at different points reminding us of everything from Hope Sandoval to late period Talk Talk, Jim O’Rourke, Tashi Wada Group and of course John Fahey, while ultimately sounding like none of them.’ – Boomkat 2019