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Lady Lamb

Agent: Eleanor McGuinness | Territory: EU/UK


Even in the Tremor marks Aly Spaltro aka Lady Lamb’s latest full- length album following 2015’s After and it’s a remarkable achievement because, among other things, it’s the rst time in her career that Spaltro is singing explicitly about herself. “I’ve never let myself be this exposed before,” she says, “but this whole album is about facing who you are and ghting your way toward self-acceptance.” Between confessing a tantrum in a batting cage (“Little Flaws”), telling the story of her parent’s kiddie-pool baptism (“Young Disciple”) and singing openly about untangling her girlfriend’s wet hair (“Deep Love”), this album is deeply rooted in the people and places, extraordinary and mundane, that have shaped Spaltro into the self-determining artist she is today.