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Lael Neale

Agent: Nikita Lavrinenko | Territory: EU/UK


Lael grew up on a farm in Virginia among acres of clouds, fields, and woods. It was writing and writers close to nature – Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Steinbeck, and Mary Oliver – that she most connected with. In 2009, she moved to California with a rising devotion to music and for nearly 10 years has called Los Angeles home.

She worked with countless musicians, producers and collaborators, making entire records and eventually stowing them away. Despite endless frustration, she never resigned. After discovering a new instrument, the Omnichord, she experienced a moment of illumination and began recording a deluge of emerging songs with the intention to capture them in their truest form. Using a cassette 4-track, she recorded most of the songs for her album Acquainted with Night in her bedroom in the early darkening evening.