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Lime Garden

Agent: Duncan Smith | Territory: EU/UK


Lime Garden are a four-piece band jumping over genre boundaries to create a sound that is uplifting yet somehow laid-back. They achieve this neat trick by harnessing catchy melodies and earworm hooks into an almost nonchalant net of lo-fi sounds, which is then sprinkled with a dry-wit to bring their world to life. It’s a world of late-night conversations and observations that strike a chord. Combining the coming-of-age undertones demonstrated on debut single ‘Sick & Tired’ and the irresistible bass grooves of previous single ‘Pulp’, new single ‘Clockwork’ spins a harder edge on growing up, laying out the modern anxieties surrounding impending adulthood. Howard continues: “We’ve grown up being in this band at this time. Somewhat losing that naïve childlike feeling of expecting to feel on top of the world every day”.