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Núria Graham

Agent: Paul McGivern | Territory: EU (ex-Spain)/UK


The half-Irish half-Catalan composer Núria Graham published her debut album “First Tracks” in 2015 with only 16 years. In just over two years, she released “Bird Eyes” + “In The Cave” (EP) and almost next her second feature “Does It Ring a Bell?” (2017), an album that positioned her on the national scene as an essential artist to understand homemade folk-pop. But during these last two years Núria has had no rest. After a tour that took her to the stages of the most relevant festivals and venues in the country with incursions into Portugal, Berlin, France and London; and after having won a place as a composer and guitarist for Amaia’s band, Núria Graham finally has new material. Something we were all waiting for. “Marjorie” is the name of her next album that will be released in 14th of February 2020.