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Agent: Arthur Janssen | Territory: EU/UK

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Bristol’s Quade have been quietly building a reputation amongst the cities underground for the past year. Their live show which introduces elements of Dub, Drone, Ambient and Post Rock sounds along with their regular show on the cities Noods Radio has seen them build a loyal local following. They have played shows with artists as varied as Squid, Moin, Caroline and PVA . Their music has been played regularly by the likes of Zakia Sewell and Nathan Gregory Wilkins on NTS as well as 6 Music’s Mary Ann Hobbs.

Their debut album ‘Nacre ’is out 17th November via AD93.

‘Nacre’ is the culmination of three years of work from the band, the blueprints of their song-writing and sound firmly established in the sprawling, haunting and yet hopeful record. Traipsing between gothic expansiveness and cosmic psychedelia, the record cannot be pinned down into one recognisable place. By the album’s close, the listener may be left wondering whether it was all a memory or a dream.

The recording and production of the record was collaborative, with the band drawing upon the services of Jack Ogbourne and Larry ‘Bruce’ McCarthy – two divergent pillars of Bristol’s music community – for engineering and mixing respectively.

‘Nacre’ was recorded in the basement of the Louisiana, Bristol, by Jack Ogbourne and mixed at the Island, also Bristol, by Larry ‘Bruce’ McCarthy. Barney Matthews provided bass and vocals, Leo Fini played drums, Matt Griffiths was on synths, tape machine and electronics, and Tom Connolly played violin, synth and guitar.