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Sea Lemon

Agent: Duncan Smith | Territory: EU/UK

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Growing up in Seattle, Natalie Lew was raised on local cultural touchstones like the Capitol Hill Block Party, KEXP, and the Museum of Pop Culture’s annual Sound Off (Battle of the Bands). Though Lew grew up playing the piano, that was the extent of her musical prowess, at least until she moved to New York and started playing a roommate’s guitars, which led to playing rhythm guitar in a friend’s band. The experience opened up a new future for Lew who returned to the Pacific Northwest in the early days of the pandemic and, in isolation, wrote her very first songs under the monikerSea Lemon.

Now signed to Luminelle, Sea Lemon released the EP Stop at Nothing in August 2023 . The EP establishes Sea Lemon’s take on the dreampop aesthetics she grew up loving. “I call it Costco Cocteau Twins,” Lew says. “It’s a modern spin on classic dreampop and shoegaze.” To make the collection, Lew collaborated with Jackson Phillips (aka Day Wave) who co-wrote some of the songs and can be heard singing on the sweeping duet “Breakdown”. When she isn’t writing music Lew is an accomplished graphic designer and writer of short fiction. While her debut collection still awaits on the horizon, for now, Stop at Nothing offers us a glimpse of her extraordinary mind.