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Agent: Nikita Lavrinenko | Territory: EU/UK


Mackenzie Scott currently records and performs as TORRES, a tribute to her grandfather’s surname. She was raised in Macon, GA, and now resides in NYC’s East Village. She was also voted class clown her senior year of high school, though you’d never know it.

Thirstier, the follow-up to 2020’s Silver Tongue, is Scott’s most exuberant and daring record to date, showcasing her in thrilling freefall. “I’ve been conjuring this deep, deep joy that I honestly didn’t feel for most of my life,” says Scott. “I feel like a rock within myself. And I’ve started to feel that I have what it takes to help other people conjure their joy, too.” The album revolts against the gray drag of time, a searing and life-affirming eruption of an album that wonders what could happen if we found a way to make our fantasies inexhaustible. Thirstier explodes the borders of imaginative possibility.