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PlayBook Artists @ The Great Escape 2022

Ailbhe Reddy

Thursday, May 12 03:30pm MRNK @ Revenge

Douglas Dare

Thursday, May 12 08:45pm Erased Tapes @ St Marys Church

Holiday Ghosts

Thursday, May 12 7.10pm (approx) The Pipeline
Saturday, May 14 5-5.30pm Presuming Ed‘s
Saturday, May 14 8pm East Street Tap

Home Counties

Friday, May 13 4pm The Pipeline
Saturday, May 14 3-3.30pm East Street Tap
Saturday, May 14 6.30pm Hope & Ruin (Downstairs)

Le Ren

Saturday, May 14 7.30pm Unitarian Church

Lido Pimienta

Friday, May 13 8.15pm Jubilee Square
Saturday, May 13 9.15pm One Church

Lime Garden

Thursday, May 12 4.30pm Hope & Ruin (Downstairs)
Friday, May 13 10.15pm So Young presents @ Beach Stage
Saturday, May 14 8.15pm Amazon New Music Stage

Penelope Isles

Saturday, May 14 10.30pm Bella Union @ Beach Stage